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Hi, I'm Briana Marie.
Living in swfl, from Queens, New York. 19. Terminally chill. Into film, fashion, tea, tattoos, books, plants, and weird music.

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i used to be beezymarie

"Only through destroying myself can I discover the greater power of my spirit"

“Just remember if you look in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you.”
American Horror Story: Asylum


"You’ve got me hanging on again."

Anonymous said: why the fuck are you so perf? asdfghjkl

I am not :-(

crashed-wave said: Dude can we just text each other

Yes obviously! You have my number ya?!

Anonymous said: I have fapped to your "face" page at least 10 times I like seeing you as naked as possible. You kinda deserve to see my dick

This is just pathetic. Nobody wants to see your dick, man. If they did you wouldn’t have to wank to my pictures?? Which, btw, I post for myself and not for you. I don’t care what you or anyone else likes or dislikes???

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i don’t care how dumb they are
dying of boredom and eating myself into a coma plz help